Capricorn: Hey, look. What’s happening over there?
Virgo: We should go home.
Gemini: Ugh, not!
Aquarius: Lets go there! *walks*
Libra: Why are Aries and Taurus always fighting?! EVEN IN PUBLIC? PLEASE, STOP
Scorpio: Lets see who wins!
Libra: no, no, no, nobody will win! Sagittarius, Leo, help me…



There was a line for the bathroom at a restaurant and I was the first in line. A clearly pregnant person (I know it’s not good to assume usually, but given the way they were touching their belly with a big smile on their face, and the size of it in proportion to the rest of their body made it…

I totally support you. That woman could at least ASK you  politely to let her in before you.